Clear water submersible pumps

With clear water submersible pumps from Einhell, you can drain pools and basement rooms in no time

The robust clear water submersible pumps from Einhell are the ideal helpers when it comes to the thorough drainage of pools, rain barrels, wells and – in an emergency – flooded basements. Our clear water submersible pumps can be placed even in hard-to-reach areas and are easy to transport thanks to the carrying handle. Depending on the model, the pump starts and stops automatically at certain water levels thanks to the aqua sensor or float switch and absorbs clear water until almost dry. Whether you want to empty your pool, use the rainwater from your rain barrel or cistern for garden watering or eliminate water damage in your basement or bathroom – with us you will find the right submersible pump because you have the choice between cordless clear water pumps, clear water submersible pumps, rain barrel pumps and submersible pressure pumps.