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Lawn mowers – Tips & Tricks for the perfect lawn

Which lawn mower is right for me?

You don't need to get a new lawn mower every year. So you should think carefully about which model best suits your needs before making a purchase. At Einhell you'll find the right lawn mower for your garden! Here we have collected all the information you'll need about different lawn mowers.

Electric lawn mowers are impressively lightweight and very quiet, whereas petrol lawn mowers offer a greater range and more flexibility. If you want to combine these properties, opt for a cordless lawn mower. With Einhell's Power X-Change battery system you can work independently of fixed power sources and fossil fuels.

The right lawn mower for every task

Find out more about different models

Large lawns, small lawns Whether you have to mow a small front garden or half a football field: With the Einhell battery adviser you can find the perfect combination of lawn mower and Power X-Change battery!

Tips and tricks for mowing your lawn

We help you to avoid the biggest pitfalls

Mow at least once a week

Basically, it can be said that mowing frequently and with less height makes more sense than mowing only occasionally and radically cutting longer blades. This is our recommendation: Mow grass once a week. If you go longer between cutting, then go gently and shorten the length in several stages.

Cordless Lawn Mower GE-CM 36/47 HW Li

Set the perfect cutting height

A cutting height of 4 cm is perfect for lawns in normal use conditions. You can also cut 5 millimetres over or below this without having negative effects on the lawn. You should take into account the 'one-third rule': never mow more than 1/3 of the lawn's length. With a cutting length of 4 cm, don't mow the grass again until it is 6 cm. This will ensure you get a nice, lush green without the lawn burning out.

Make sure not to mow too short when there is little rainfall, in shaded areas and in the autumn.

Do not mow too short in shaded areas and in the autumn (aim for approx. 1 cm longer in shaded areas and 5 mm more should be sufficient in the autumn). In summer temperatures you should also not cut the lawn too much, as longer blades of grass shade the ground better, meaning it does not dry or burn out as quickly.

In case of drought, in the shade and in the fall do not mow too short

Do not mow when it is wet

Wet grass will not cut cleanly, so you won't be able to achieve an even cut. Furthermore, the lawn mower will be stressed unnecessarily and in heavily soaked ground the wheels of heavy lawn mowers can sink into the soil and cause damage to the grass roots.

Do not mow in wet conditions

Fertilise regularly

By mowing, the grass loses nutrients that must be returned to the lawn. To maximise its growth, you should fertilise your lawn every four to five weeks from the beginning of spring. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are essential nutrients for plants.

Scarify your lawn

A scarifier gives your lawn the breath of fresh air it needs. It scarifies the turf, removes moss and weeds and keeps the lawn healthy. Scarifying creates space for fresh, strong stalks, giving the grass the freedom it needs to grow.

Lawn mower criteria

Here's what you need to bear in mind

Lawn mowers are as varied as the lawns they mow. It's not always easy to find the right one. So you don't miss mark, here we'll explain what criteria to check when choosing a mower.

Size of the lawn area

Very small lawn areas can be mowed simply with a cylinder mower. No electricity, no petrol, no noise. The larger the lawn area, the larger and, in particular, louder the lawn mower will be. The size of the lawn mower also determines the cutting width. The larger the lawn mower, the larger the cutting width should be. This will help you to mow more quickly.

Type of power

You can choose between petrol, electric and battery. Petrol mowers must be filled up and have small combustion engine. Just like a car, these machines will stop when they run out of petrol. This makes petrol lawn mowers the most powerful model. You can get electric lawn mowers both with and without power cables. The cabled version is suitable for gardens that are not quite so big, as you always need to be in reach of a power outlet or have extremely long cables. For larger gardens, cordless lawn mowers are best. They mean you can work flexibly and mow even the furthest corners of your garden. Electric mowers are also available as robotic lawn mowers.


If you want to kill two birds with one stone, make sure your mower has mulching kit. This will cut grass clippings very finely so that they can remain on the lawn. This will provide the soil with nutrients and save you from having to dispose of the grass clippings.

Cutting width

The greater the cutting width, the less time it takes to mow While a lawn mower with a cutting width of 32 cm needs around 10 minutes to mow 100 m2, a lawn mower with a cutting width of 47 cm can mow the same area in just 6 minutes.

Type of terrain

The type of terrain will determine whether your lawn mower needs wheel drive or not. On flat and even ground, the lawn mower can be easily pushed. But if the terrain is hilly or the ground is very uneven, then it is better if your lawn mower has wheel drive. Otherwise, it will be very strenuous to push it for a long period of time.

Noise level

The different types of power will produce different levels of noise. In general, the following applies: The more power, the louder it is. So petrol lawn mowers are louder then cordless or electric lawn mowers.