Grout cleaners

Clean patios and courtyard driveways effortlessly and quickly with the grout cleaner and surface brush

Is your garden blooming and splendid, but your paving stones and grouting are still dirty? With a battery-powered or electric grout cleaner from Einhell, you can simplify your cleaning! Forget old toothbrushes aggressive chemicals, and tedious bending with a grouting scraper, as Einhell grout cleaners work with the highest mechanical cleaning performance – environmentally conscious and kind to your back. A surface cleaner helps you to give surfaces such as wood, tiles or paving a fresh shine again. With our PICOBELLA surface brush you can remove even coarse dirt in no time thanks to the cordless, powerful Power X-Change systems. This way, the yard and patio are cleaned in no time and ready for the summer months – with no effort at all!