Makes mincemeat out of your foliage

Gardening generally involves large amounts of cuttings now and then, especially in spring and autumn. But what do you do with this garden waste? A shredder is the solution here, enabling you not only to shred tree cuttings, hedge cuttings and other garden waste, but also to make effective use of them by turning them into compost or mulch. Einhell offers blade shredders and silent shredders, each with an environmentally friendly electric motor. The blade shredder shreds the cuttings with blades rotating at high speed and produces material which is highly suitable for mulching. The silent shredder (also called a roller shredder), as the name suggests, is very quiet in operation because it shreds and crushes the material with a cutter drum. Silent shredders are robust, low-maintenance and produce first-class compost material.