Battery Charger


Item no.: 1002251 EAN: 4006825671520
  • Intelligent battery charger with microprocessor control
  • Allround battery charger for various battery types
  • For gel, AGM, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries
  • Especially suitable for lithium-iron-phosphate batteries
  • IP65 protection: dustproof and protected against water jets
  • Trickle charge function for a permanently ideal state of charge
  • Power supply mode for use as a power source
  • LCD battery voltage and charge progress display
  • Electronic overload, short circuit & reverse polarity protection
  • Fully isolated battery clamps
  • Suspension eyelets for wall-mounting
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Article description

The Einhell battery charger CE-BC 5 M LiFePO4 is a smart battery charger, adapted to the technically advanced and powerful batteries of modern motor vehicles. The main task of the handy device is the fast, gentle charging of batteries, so that the longest possible service life is achieved at full power. An LCD display makes operation easier than with conventional devices. This Einhell all-rounder is suitable for gel batteries, AGM, maintenance-free and low-maintenance lead-acid batteries as well as lithium-iron phosphate batteries. The CE-BC 5 M LiFePO4 automatically adapts to the battery voltage of 12 V vehicles. The multi-stage charging cycle of the battery charger is automatically monitored and adjusted by the microprocessor controller. The smart control electronics analyses the type and condition of the connected battery and initiates the optimal mode. The maintenance charging function protects the battery for a permanently ideal state of charge. This makes the CE-BC 5 M suitable for all vehicle types, especially for seasonal vehicles with long times not in use: Instead of slowly letting the battery drain completely and thus risking a deep discharge, the battery is gently kept at its optimal level by means of maintenance charging. Maintenance charging relieves the battery cells and extends the service life. Cars, motorcycles or scooters are ready for immediate use at the beginning of the season. A winter charging mode has been developed especially for outdoor temperatures below 5°C. In addition, the device is equipped with a recondition mode, which can breathe new life into deeply discharged batteries. In addition to a supply mode for use as a power supply, the device also has a force function, which can revive deeply discharged batteries (from 1 V) by means of maximum amperes. Automatic overcharging, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection protects both the charger and the battery. The Einhell battery charger meets the IP protection class 65, which makes it dust-proof and protected against water jets. The LCD battery voltage and charging progress indicator shows at a glance what state of charge the battery is in and what mode the charger is set to. The device distinguishes between four charging levels and the connection of 12 V batteries. The indicator on the Einhell battery charger also indicates an incorrect connection of the pliers and other problems. Thanks to the fully insulated battery terminals, the charger can be easily and safely connected. The housing is provided with a suspension eyelet for attachment to the wall.

Technical details

Mains supply220-240 V | 50 Hz
Jump startno
Charging voltage12V
Charging current Min. (arith./eff.) - Max. (arith./eff.) on 12 V d.c.5 / [-] A
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