Cordless Angle Grinder

TE-AG 18/115 Li (1x4,0Ah)

Item number 4431134
  • A member of the Power X-Change family
  • Lightest angle grinder of its class
  • Softstart function and restart safeguard to make it safer to use
  • Overload cut-out for a long service life
  • Modified air guidance for better cooling and longer service life
  • Very smooth operation thanks to separation of motor and gearing
  • Disk guard with quick adjust facility
  • Robust aluminium gear housing
  • Slimline design with ergonomic soft grip surfaces
  • Additional handle can be fitted flexibly in 3 positions
  • Charge state can be viewed on the battery capacity indicator
  • Recommendation for optimum results: 2.5 Ah battery & higher
  • Incl. 1x cutting disc and 1x fin grinding disc
  • Supplied in the practical Einhell bag 45/22
  • Incl. charger and 4.0 Ah Power-X-Change battery

Technical data

Do you like to read the technical data sheet before choosing your product? You can find the most important facts and figures for Cordless Angle Grinder TE-AG 18/115 Li (1x4,0Ah) here:

Accumulator18 V | 4000 mAh | Li-Ion
Charging time75min
Mains supply charger200-250 V | 50-60 Hz
Disc size115 mm
No-load speed ( idle speed ) Max.8500 min^-1
Max. cutting depth28 m
Number of accumulators1 Pieces
Product description
The Einhell TE-AG 18/115 Li cordless angle grinder (1x4.0AH) is immediately ready to take on your grinding, sanding, cutting or polishing jobs. With a combination of power and skill it lets you master materials made of metal and stone. A rechargeable battery from Einhell’s popular Power X-Change family, which can be used in all tools and appliances from the PXC system series, is included in delivery. This angle grinder is the lightest in its class. Softstart and restart safeguard functions add up to more safety for the user. The wheel guard has a quick-adjust facility. While the overload cut-out contributes to a longer service life, the modified air guidance results in better cooling. The aluminium gear housing was designed with robustness in mind. Nevertheless this cordless grinder (with a wheel diameter of 115 mm and max. cutting depth of 28mm) is remarkably smooth in operation thanks to separation of the motor and gearing. For flexibility the additional handle can be fitted in three positions, making it easier to work in areas with difficult access. With its slim design and ergonomic Softgrip, this angle grinder is comfortable to work with. The charge level can be viewed at any time on the battery capacity indicator. For optimum results it is recommended to use a 2.5 Ah battery or higher. This product comes with one 4.0 Ah rechargeable battery, a PXC system charger, one cutting disc and one fin grinding disc.

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